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Northern Ireland Ambulance Service

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) covers the whole of Northern Ireland. NIAS employs around 1100 staff working from 57 ambulance stations and deployment points serving a population of 1.7 million.

NIAS responds to approximately 120,000 emergency calls and 40,000 doctor’s admissions to hospital, the Patient Transport Services do around 240,000 journeys per year.

NIAS is under pressure to perform cost saving measures just like every other ambulance service, currently NIAS employs Technicians alongside its Paramedics, they haven’t recruited in a while for this post but it has been written in the Irish Times that NIAS is looking into the post of ECA but it will be named “Paramedic Assistant”.

At the beginning of June 2012 NIAS had 100 vacant slots for technicians, it is expected  that NIAS will introduce the new Paramedic Assistant position and then populate the vacancies with them.

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Ambulance Headquarters
Knockbracken Healthcare Park
Saintfield Road
Belfast BT8 8SG

Tel: 028 9040 0999