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Isle of Wight Ambulance Service

The Isle of Wight (IOW) Ambulance Service is unique in the context of other ambulance services in the UK, in the fact that it’s integrated into the local NHS board, it still however has an annual budget of 6M.

The IOW ambulance service employ around 132 people broken down to,

70 Paramedics
2 Technicians
18 Emergency Vehicle operatives (Emergency Care assistants)
16 PTS Staff
23 Call centre staff.

They have at their disposal,

10 Emergency Ambulances
10 Rapid Response Vehicles
3 Co-Responder vehicles

Isle of Wight has a population of 140,000 which at least doubles during holidays, the IOW has an annual influx of 2.8m visitors annually.

2011-12 The IOW Ambulance Service received 23,600 calls, of which 2,100 were resolved by telephone advice. The IOW service continues to maintain its arrival at Cat A calls within 8 min’s at over the 75% of the time as demanded by the government.

Ambulance Service HQ
Isle of Wight NHS Primary Care Trust,
St Marys Hospital,
Isle of Wight
PO30 5TG.

Tel: 01983-552003