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Isle of Man Ambulance Service

The Isle of Man (IOM) Ambulance service provides the usual 999 emergency service and in partnership with the Red Cross provides a Patient Transport services (PTS) that all ambulance services provide. Its only catchment area is the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man ambulance service currently has 42 members working from 3 locations on the island using 23 vehicles,

9 Accident and Emergency Vehicles, including 1 off road vehicle

4 Patient Transport Vehicles with wheelchair capability

6 Rapid Response cars

1 Galaxy Rapid Response vehicle

1 Off road terrain vehicle

2 Major Incident Trailers

The IOM Ambulance service answers approximately 7000 emergency calls and 2000 patient transfers every year.

Its biggest influx is the TT races, but race organisers provide medical cover in partnership with local ambulance service

Has paramedics and Ambulance technicians, currently no plans to employ ECA’s

Noble's Hospital,
Isle of Man

Phone: 01624 642582