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Great Western Ambulance Service

Great Western Ambulance Service (GWAS) provided the usual 999, urgent care and Patient Transport services (PTS) that all ambulance services provide. Its main catchment area was the counties of Wiltshire, Gloucester and Avon.

GWAS employed around 1700 staff in 33 locations including 3 control centres.

GWAS answered around 400,000 emergency calls and transports 250,000 PTS patients per year.

GWAS was formed on 1st April 2006 merging Wiltshire Ambulance Service, Gloucester Ambulance Service and Avon Ambulance Service, it attempted foundation trust but the national audit office decided for various reasons that the application shouldn’t continue. On 1st February 2013 South Western Ambulance Service Trust (SWAST) took over the management of GWAS.

GWAS did employ Paramedics and Emergency Care Assistants in the A&E role.

It is unknown what changes will happen, but many staff are encouraged by the openness and the ability to contact the interim CEO Mr Ken Wenman and not only ask questions but usually get an email or direct answer that day or the next.  After the acquisition of GWAS Ken Wenman will be chief executive of the new organisation that incorporates GWAS into SWAST.

Old Trust Headquarters


Head Office
Jenner House
Langley Park
SN15 1GG

Main Switchboard Number:   01249 858 500

For up to date information on the new trust please see the South Western Ambulance Service Trust page.