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ECA to Paramedic

Becoming a Paramedic isn’t something that is usually taken lightly, and over the past couple of years it has become increasing harder.

Due to the change in ambulance staffing, changing from a combination of emergency medical technicians and paramedic to ECA and Paramedic, the step up to paramedic is harder.


Currently there are a couple of ways to progress from ECA to Paramedic,


1.    Leave the ambulance service and apply to a university that currently trains paramedics, although if you’re already in an NHS trust I would strongly recommend you stay either on some sort of bank contract or part time annualised hours.


2.    Depending if your private sector or NHS trust you can avail to one of the in house courses that some of them are still running, either through a partnership with a local university or Open University.


3.    Pay to get your IHCD technician and then proceed on a paramedic course with a training provider, an expensive option but if you have or can save money it’s an option.


4.    Become a paramedic somewhere else in the world and then apply through HCPC for UK registration.


University places are hotly contested with some university’s reporting 2000 applications, for 30 places.