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How to Become an Emergency Care Assistant

Becoming an Emergency Care Assistant (ECA) for some is a natural progression from Ambulance Care Assistant (ACA) or for others the first position they will take within the ambulance service. Most Emergency Care Assistants and Ambulance Care Assistants are employed by the NHS, but there are a vast amount employed by the private sector.

Emergency Care Assistant isn’t a protected title like paramedic, the position can be referred to as Emergency Care Support worker (ECSW), Paramedic Assistant, Accident and Emergency Support Worker and even in one trust an Emergency Vehicle Operative, but the job description stays largely the same. For the purpose of this website I have decided to use the term that most trusts and people know that term being Emergency Care Assistant (ECA)

It has been the hot topic of discussion of many ambulance crew rooms why was the position of Emergency Care Assistant was invented, some believe it’s a money saving move others preferring different ideas, true motive we are unsure about, but one fact that is for sure, is that the position is here now, and here to stay.

In today’s economic climate secure jobs are hard to come by, to my knowledge no NHS Emergency Care Assistant has ever been made redundant due to lack of available work, private providers are a little different as contracts come and go.


Some British Ambulance statistics are:

The total number of emergency calls to NHS 999 switchboards in England 2013-14 was 8.47 million, 23,216 calls per day, 16.1 calls per minute. Up to date information can be found by following this link,


Use the information on this site to either join the Ambulance service as an Emergency Care Assistant or progress from military medic to civilian equivalent or Emergency Care Assistant to Paramedic.